Nani Yusof Hughie | Mamak Malaysia's Executive Chef Mamak is a Malaysian restaurant located in 35-20 Farrington Street, Flushing, New York 11354. Nani Yusof Hughie, born and raised in Penang, the food capital of Malaysia, is a self-taught chef and creator of Mami Penang Cooking Inc, the registered company that runs Mamak restaurant, in Flushing, the north-central region of New York City borough of Queens.

Came from a mixed marriage background, and upbringing in Indian Malays and Chinese Hokkien mixed community in Georgetown, Nani has developed an interest in varieties of Penang’s gastronomic marvels cuisine since at the age of 10.

Her late grandmother and father influence her much in developing the skills in the art of fabulous home cooking with diverse flavors and aromatic scents of Malaysian cuisine.

Nani’s entrepreneur skills, which started at teenager age, by selling “Mee Rebus Mamak” during school’s canteen day each year. And during her college year, she starts her own street “burger” business which still operating until today, after more than 20 years, and now, the business run by her brother at her hometown.

Since relocating to New York, she has built two successful businesses. Mami PG’s Cooking and Melayu’s Cookies.Mami PG’s Cooking, established in 2007, specializes in hometown Penang cuisine. As a self-taught chef, she has become well known for her Nasi Lemak and Nasi Kandar.

Her clients include NBC offices, United Nations, Warner Brothers, Seamless, Tourism Malaysia, various Permanent Missions to the UN from Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore and many other individuals with diverse pallets.

In 2008, she had the honor to serve The Royal family of Brunei in New York City, while The Crown Prince attended the United Nations General Assembly.

Several well known food blogs, Midtown Lunch, Eating in Translation, and Chubby Chinese Girl Eats have all written glowing reviews of Mami’s PG Cooking in the past year. Various Newspapers around Malaysia have also been mentioning Nani’s cooking lately.

Midtown Lunch writer Jennifer Tune Fenwick wrote,
“I have tried two separate halal lunches—Nasi Lemak and Nasi Kandar-, both of which were unique and tasty. –unlike anything I have sampled at a Malaysian restaurant in the US. For the first time of eating this type of food, here’s my take, the combination of flavors in the beef were elaborate and addictive. I promised a friend I would save some for him and it was very difficult to stop eating the beef. The juicy-soaked-rice with it’s spicy, sweet and almost clove-like flavor. The fish curry was also wonderful-it was not something I would have normally ordered, but I’m glad I had a chance to taste it. I was impressed by the meal.”

Furthermore, Mami’s PG Cooking and Mamak Malaysia is currently experiencing rapid growth and expansion. She is working with the Queens Economic Development Corp. to move into developing its own branded products for the US market.